June 28, 2016

A wealth of knowledge & Skills gathered through multiple experiences in the Food Industry. Allied with innate problem solving, organisation and attention to details skills, your objectives & satisfaction are the drivers of the excellence of our services.

With experiences with multiple products categories, we’ve delivered successful customers, second party, and third party audits, contributing to the securing of key account customers for United Kingdom (UK), Vietnamese and French Manufacturers, while filling the following roles Internal Auditing – Technical Management – Quality Management – Specification Writer.

Competent in the multiple areas of Food Safety and Quality Systems Management (HACCP, TACCP, VACCP, GMP, Pre-Requisites, Allergen Management, Customers’ COPs & BRC V7 compliances, Critical Path Management, Shelf Life Studies, Nutrition compliance, we’ve delivered successful products launches, from market research & benchmarking through to launches in retail stores; with the consideration of products legal compliances, specification writing, packaging & artwork reviews, labels legal compliances, and products quality & safety compliances.

We’ve got experience with a wide range of products, from chilled ready meals, dairies and produce, to frozen value added sea foods and ambient confectionery & bakery.

Our consultants are dedicated, thorough, and enthusiastic individuals with service, excellence and integrity as core values.

Whether you are looking at Audits Compliances, New Products Launches, and/or Quality Management Systems Upgrades or Improvements, we can help you meet your goals.

Contact us now for a  Free Action Plan Recommendation to meet your Project’ Goals.

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