Food Compliances

June 28, 2016





Do you have new or existing products launches coming up?

Requiring a Critical Path management?

Welcome to Soubalt Ltd!

With the experience of simultaneously launching multiple products for multiple retailers, we will help you get your tools organised and products delivered!

We look at the Food Safety Regulations for destination(s)’ country(ies) and market(s) you need to comply with in terms of Safety, Legality, Authenticity, and Quality; and ensure you answer your customers Code Of Practices and Policies with regards to the followings:

1_ Process & Launches, what to consider

1.1_Understanding the customer products brief and deadlines

1.2_Managing you Critical Path

1.3_Reviewing the recipes for their legal and customer compliances

1.4_Reviewing the raw materials specifications

1.5_Identifying the parameters to monitor from your factory trials

1.6_Review the Nutrition & Microbiological Standards and their legal compliances

1.7_Advise on the products shelf lives and qualities in compliance with your customers’ requirements

1.8_Review your packaging’s compliance

2_ Finish Products Specifications & Products Packaging, what information should they give you.

We will …

2.1_Assist with the products specification writing and reviews

2.2_Assist with the labelling legal compliance

2.3_Assist with the Pack Copies information’s’ extraction from the products specifications

2.4_Assist with your Artwork reviews

2.5_Assist with your post products launches review

This service is organised around your customers’ brief and critical paths, and come with a set of template documents ready to adapt to your business.


So do not hesitate, contact us or a Free Action Plan Review to Meet your Goals.

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  Your Compliances and Profits are our priorities.