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June 28, 2016


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There are simple and organised ways to approach your quality management system.  We will help you structure and implement a consistent organised system, that is easy to keep in place and upgrade.

Our approach will help you set a framework that will bring together a system that works for you, and is easy to monitor on a long term.

We will come with a set of tools and templates documents ready to adapt to your business, that would fasten your system’ updating and upgrading.

So let’s together have a look at your Quality Management system, for a system that works for you.

In this package, we will be operating with you on site, addressing the followings:

1_ Quality Manual: How to write one that relates to the QA Standard Certification you are aiming for. How to use it to implement and/or review your entire Quality System for full compliance.

2_ Procedure Manual: How to write one that relates to the QA Standard Certification you are aiming for.

3_Pre-Requisites: What are they and why are they important.

4_ Good ManufacturingPractices: What are they and what do they focus on.

5_ Traceability & Mass Balance: What to consider for a robust traceability system.

6_ Supplier Assurance: What does It cover and why is it important.

7_ Customers Complaints: How to address them.

8_ Crisis Management: The fundamentals to consider.

9_ Audits: How to prepare for one and what to consider.

This service is organised around the BRC Global standard for Food Safety v7.

We can also work with you to build/upgrade a Quality Systems compliant to other Standards such as ISO 22000-2005 Food safety management systems, and/or to your Customers’ Code Of Practices (COPs). We can look at the specifics of your project.

So, should you be considering the review, refreshment and/or upgrade of your Quality Management System, do not hesitate, contact us now a Free Action Plan Recommendation to Meet your Goals.


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