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With more than fifteen years the food industry, and track records of successful certification and second party audits, we have developed a systemic approach we would be happy to share with you, for a sustained and painless maintaining of your quality management system (QMS).

With this package, we will be operating from your existing QMS system and conduct a GAP analysis, using the food safety standard of your choosing (GFSI standards, FEMAS requirements), to address the followings:

Quality Manual: ensuring it captures all the scopes of the food safety certification you are aiming for.

Procedure Manual: ensuring your procedures meet the food safety certification standards you are aiming for.

Pre-Requisites: what are they and why are they important.

Good Manufacturing Practices: what are they and what do they focus on.

Traceability & Mass Balance: what to consider for a robust traceability system.

Supplier Assurance: what does it cover and why is it important.

Customers Complaints: the values of trending.

Crisis Management: the fundamentals to consider.

Audits: how to ensure continuous compliance.

This service is organised around the GFSI standards and FSMA requirements, and can be adapted to answer your customers’ specific requirements such as policies and code of practices (COPs).

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